Social networking has been one of the greatest life hacks, don’t you agree? We can connect with millions of people while just relaxing at home, isn’t that amazing? Well, a hell lot of teenagers and adults have been using social networking platforms for hours. Now, there are just so many social networking apps featuring their own set of uniqueness and specifications and Snapchat is one of them ruling the arena. This post is specially written to show you how to install Snapchat For PC.

Snapchat has over a billion users and it is, in fact, one of the most trending social networking apps in the market. Snapchat is quite popular among the teengers and it is mostly operated through smartphones but lately, there have been many people asking one same query which is, “Can we use Snapchat on Windows 10 or Mac?” Well, a simple yes and, I will explain you the procedure but before that let us learn more about Snapchat.Snapchat For PC

What is Snapchat and How does it Work?

As I mentioned earlier, Snapchat is a social networking platform where billions of people share their daily experiences by uploading photos and videos which we call ‘SNAP’.

Now, how does it work? Create an account over snapchat and add friends to your list, people will follow you as well. Upload your photos or videos and it’ll display to them who are on your followers’ list. The upload will be visible to them and they will reply you accordingly or you can chat in there as well.

You can also view others snap if only you’re following them, the most important gesture Snapchat has is its filters. There are many varieties of filters available which can beautify the pic and make it look more attractive.

Now, with the basics clear, let us concentrate on today’s role topic which is,’How will run snapchat for windows pc 10 and Mac?’

Learn how to use SnapChat on Ipad or Iphone.

How can Snapchat run on Windows 10 or Mac?

You can run snapchat for windows laptop by installing it through Windows store or there are different methods as well. Now, there isn’t any windows store in Mac so, how will you download and surf snapchat on laptop/pc?

Well, you can simply download the android emulator named ‘Bluestacks’. Now, how can we use Bluestacks for snapchat? Bluestacks can help you surf Snapchat For PC or snapchat on mac as well.

Download Bluestacks and then login to your google account, later, download Snapchat For PCand log in with your details and you will be ready in a few seconds. This is how simply you can use Snapchat For PC whether it may be Windows 10 or mac.

What if I don’t have the webcam on my Laptop?

Camera is the first basic need of Snapchat PC online but no worries, you can still use it without having a webcam in your laptop. Obviously, you won’t be able to click any photos and won’t able to video call as well but, you can view others Snap and you can also chat with others which would be indeed satisfying for many of us.snapchat-mac

So, yes you can use Snapchat on your windows 10 laptop and Mac and you can do it using Bluestacks. Make sure to snapchat pc login once its successfully installed on your MAC


Bluestacks is indeed one of the finest applications which will help us use Snapchat For PC or Mac. So, just get in, follow the simplest procedure and enjoy your SNAP life on a bigger screen.