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SnapChat for iPad!

One would like to know if snapchat is available for IPad as well along with for Android and iPhone. Apple has placed its application which is available for iPhone or \ipod in iTunes which can be made use of for the iPad. No doubt, iPad users do find it difficult to obtain snapchat app.

Snapchat is the easiest and convenient and fastest way to share one’s precious moments with friends and family. One can control how long the message can be seen by the friend.  They will be able to view that long then the message disappears for good. Messages can be viewed only once. It is real-time chatting after all. Messages can be captured or saved with help of screenshot or making use of a camera. One should, of course, be careful of what one snaps.

It is indeed a lovable app for many as they find it easy to communicate with their friends.

Snapchat enables to build up friendships and convey messages well. It is fun using it and makes one feel crazy at times. Fast and quick is something that one feels the need to use it more often. One can also send photographs via it. One can select one’s photograph and send it. Also, a photo guide can be maintained the as the future guide.

How to do it rather install snap chat on iPad mini, iPad Air as well as iPad generations?

Simple. Initially, open the Appstore from your iPad and search for the word “snapchat” Initially, you will not come across anything. One has to change the preference and tap on the” iPad only” menu and then change it to “iPhone only” This will highlight the apps that are available for the iPhone only and snapchat happens to be one of them.

How to install?

One has to press the “Install” button and the snapchat will automatically get installed on one’s iPad.

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What is unique about snapchat?

It permits one to be in different cities such as London, Paris, Rome and so forth. In other words, by making use of it everyone can be anywhere in the world. Sounds exciting indeed! A world phenomenon concept is what it entails. One feels “located” in any place of the world,

Initially, a CEO of the company had felt that the “social App” may not be the success in “poor country” like India, but many users felt otherwise and felt why the country should be called poor.

Other Features:

  • Snapchat for one’s Windows PC Desktop is in need of AndyOS, which is an Android emulator for Windows in order for it to run.
  • It permits the taking of video and screenshots or anything that one fancies. One can share one’s messages and it is so fast one feels it never happened.

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