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Snapchat Group Chat!

Snapchat has come up with a new innovation popularly termed as Snapchat group chat. It was released at the year end believing in the concept of “being together”. One can talk to the group of 16 friends.

Chatting to a large number of friends is indeed very interesting and also time-saving. You can reach out so fast to your selected group of friends. Snapchat Group Chat has made communication smoother, quicker and easy. One has to try out this app and see for oneself the wonders it holds.

How Snapchat group chat feature can be made use of:

  • One has to update one’s snapchat app to the latest version. Each time one releases a new emerging feature, then one has to update one’s snapchat in order to get the feature. One has to check on one’s App Store or Play Store.
  • One must begin a regular chat with one’s friend and then add 16 names to it. At the bottom, one can see with whom one participated in the group chat.
  • One can send “text-based messages” with emojis, photos, videos, photos, and stickers.
  • For individual chat, one has to tap on the given name. It is referred to as Quick-Chat. This helps to keep the conversation only between the two persons.
  • The Group Chats get deleted after a period of 24 hours. Snaps that are sent to a Group can be opened and can be replayed only once by the recipient. If the Snapchat is not opened then it gets deleted within 24 hours, quite similar to Chats.

Additional New Feature:

Another new feature associated with Group Chat is new Creative Tools: Scissors and Paintbrush. One can cut out a part the Snap making use of Scissors on the Preview Screen and then turn it into the sticker. While one is making use of Paintbrush in Memories, one can draw something rather awesome on one’s Snaps making use of this tool.

Group chatting helps for those on holiday and snap group chat does indeed make the holiday a lot of fun as one can communicate their family and friends.

Snapchat is a video cum photo messaging app and group chatting is one to one chatting among all. Chats sent to the group get deleted by default. After 24 hours. These snaps sent in a group can be opened and replayed by only once by a recipient. Then they get deleted within a span of 24 hours.

How does a Snapchat Group Work?

  • Groups can be set up while sending a snap or while making a new chat.
  • One has to open the Chat screen.
  • Then one must tap on the New Chat icon.
  • Pick few friends.
  • Tap on Chat.
  • One can add people only if both are on group chat.
  • Send snaps directly to the group after taking a snap.
  • Then tap the send button.
  • One has to choose a group in the given Send to Screen.
  • Everybody in the group will be able to see the snap and also who all have seen it.
  • In order to ensure that you are in group chat, one has to look for the sparkle/friend emoji located next to the group name in one’s Chat screen.
  • Names light up when the group chat is opened within a bubble to indicate that they are present.
  • Tap or press and hold the chat to be able to see that one has read it and saved it as well.
  • When a person opens chat, his or her name appears below the chat.
  • Chats and snaps get deleted after 24 hours unless saved.
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How to have quick chat with a friend?

One has to tap the name at the bottom of the group in order to a begin one to one chat with a person. One can get back to the group in a jiffy.

Snapchat Group Chat will undoubtedly catch on among the trendy users. Its usability and viability will appeal to them and will permit them to keep up their friends’ circle.