Snapcash Binary Review and Scam Investigation – Blacklisted?

Is Snapcash Binary SCAM? Here we have an automated trading software w by Austin Ford which was originally designed for binary options but since then it has been souped up and formatted for Forex and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

SnapCash Binary is widely considered to be the “new star” of the online trading community and was recently relaunched. It appears the critics were correct in their assumption, as the facts speak for themselves. This auto-trader is actually one of the few systems that has endured the test of time and continuously generates profits in a scam-free trading environment. While some sites say the software is no longer in service, they fail to realize the fact that the software has been updated and adapted to Forex and Cryptocurrency markets but the results are just the same which means 87% in the money or ITM trades.

Official Snapcash Binary Website and Registration Page: Snapcash Binary

Is Snapcash Binary Scam Or Legit?
This software is 100% legitimate and updated for 2018-2019. In fact, we have found it to be one of the most profitable trading apps we have had the pleasure of dealing with. In short, keep reading our detailed Snapcash Binary Review to see how you could potentially profit from these cash windfalls.

Who Is Austin Ford?
Ford is a programmer who got into some “weird and fascinating” things when he started programming automated trading protocols. He noticed that with a slight tweak his signals were able to generate $1,200 per day, every day. So he decided to automated the software and make it available for the public.

Snapcash Binary

How Does Snapcash Binary Work?
The system works is by recommending trades AKA “option contracts” to buy or sell, but there is also an auto-trade feature which allows you to trade on auto-pilot and generate passive income. By accepting the trade you actually purchase the contract at a given rate based on the recommendation (i.e call or put). Ford clearly states that the potential to generate significant amounts of money is very high, since all traders use the same brokers. In a nutshell, the software examines the data in its entirety and not at certain particular segments.

Unique and Differentiating Features

Realistic Claims and No Hype
SnapCash Binary claims to have an average winning rate of around 87%. This is a breath of fresh air given the fact that most scam systems boast a “risk free” 100% success rate.

Authentic Had-Crafted Code
The software was developed by Ford personally and does not exist anywhere else. It was recently adapted from Binary to Forex and Cryptocurrencies as traders have begun to have a different set of requirements.

Some Stats And Figures
The software utilized advanced algorithmic formulas in a way which generates around 87% wins consistently. The stats we saw in our trading history section in the broker trading panel validates this claim and for once we see the facts presented to us in a truthful manner.

Authentic Testimonials
All the testimonials are not fake and truly genuine. We have checked this thoroughly and verified it by checking the customers Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Exaggerated Claims?
We don’t see any exaggerated claims as the software produces consistent daily profits which are not considered to be overly grandiose. There are also some unsubstantiated claims by silly traders who scream Snapcash Binary scam because they absorbed a loss and then started trading manually. Obviously a couple of losses is normal, but traders get paranoid and that is when they start to make mistakes and complain (profusely).

Julian Assange Snap Cash Binary
Some have claimed that Julian Assange is associated with SnapCash Binary, but the person who wrote that is clueless and trying to grab some headlines. The fact is we have checked the Snapcash Binary app and use it on a daily basis. Setting all the hype and misinformation aside, we consider it to be a smart investment and a good way to generate passive income.

Snapcash Binary Review Summary and Conclusions – Approved!
We would like to clearly state that the Snapcash Binary software by Austin Ford is a legit and genuine piece of automated trading technology. After conducting in-depth research and analysis we have discovered that the SnapCash Binary software is fully functional, easy to use, and consistently profitable. Sticking close to the facts, this is one of the best software automation technology our staff has ever come across. Given these facts, findings, proof, and evidence of profitable trading we are advising our viewers that Snapcash Binary is NOT blacklisted and fully endorsed. Should you have a different opinion, simply leave a detailed comment below and we shall hear you out.