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SnapChat on Chromebook!

Snapchat on Chromebook happens to be a picture cum video based messenger which is used by several people and is, in fact, more popular than the much-used Instagram, particularly among teenagers in the United States.

Snapshot is used by nearly over a million app users all over the world and is gaining further popularity. The app involves convenient messaging and also saves One can talk conveniently to one’s friends and reach out to them and thus build up long lasting friendships.

The snapchat on Chrome is easy to use. Just install and make use of the application. It is a simple application.

What are its latest features?

  • Face swap lenses.
  • Chat 2.0
  • 3D stickers.
  • On account, it of these features has become a very addictive app.

It has been felt that this app will be continuously updated with new features.

How can you get Snapchat on Chromebook? This is possible. How?

Chromebook happens to be a different type of Google’s Chrome OS making a run on it. One as to connect to the internet to make use of Chromebook with apps and documents that are stored in the cloud.

One has to make use of the Snapchat app to install Snapchat on Chromebook while making use of an android based app so one has to have “runtime” in order to run the Android apps on Chrome OS. Also to “runtime”, one has to install the app that is available on the Chrome Web. One has to make sure that installing one of the apps that is available on the Chromebook. One has to make sure that the app that has been installed from the existing Web Store, then you can “sideload” Snapchat app and run it on your Chromebook. Make sure the Chrome Web Store is working and running well on the Chromebook. To get this “runtime”, you just have to install one of the apps that is available on the Chromebook.

Next, proceed onto the downloading of the latest version of Snapchat app apk file. One can get it from websites like app mirror which provides files of the apps from the Google Play. One can convert this Snapchat apk file tool. This tool will be running on Linux, but there is no doubt a way to convert the tool manually in Windows.

One can also use an ubuntu live-cd to convert the apk.

Then one has to open and install ChromeOS-apk tool by running the command:

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Then one has to install the ChromeOS-apk tool by allowing it to run the command.

ChromeOS-apk snapchatapp.apk

In case one wants to make use of Snapchat in a tablet mode then one has to add the prefix –tablet at the end portion of the command:

ChromeOS-apk snapchatapp.apk –tablet

If you wish to use Snapchat in tablet mode, add prefix –tablet at the end of the command:

ChromeOS-apk snapchatapp.apk –tablet

This command will generate a directory, which will appear in one’s home directory. One has to copy the directory to one’s Chromebook.

Then proceed to the Extensions page on your Chromebook by clicking “Hamburger” menu –> Tools– > Extensions

One has to click as well the Enable developer mode and make use of the “Load unpacked extension” button in order to load the extension directory for the Snapshot app.

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How to run the Snapachat on Chromebook?

  • Run the Snapchat app on your Chromebook, simply open up the select book the Launch option meant for the Snapchat app which is in the Extension menu.

“Hamburger” menu –> Tools– > Extensions, click Enable developer mode,

In case, one is having trouble in the installation of the Snapchat app on Chromebook or has found another method of doing so, then one must share it with others as well, particularly Chromebook users.

Go ahead and make use of snapchat on Chrome, an app which is widely in use and will continue to be so. Try it for yourself and see the wonders it can do in communication techniques to reach out to friends and family. It is worth the try. Snapchat on Chrome is an app that bridges communication barriers. It is indeed a wonderful app and one must be part of one’s personal and official work.

Snapchat On Chrome as is convenient and easy to install and once installed helps in your daily communications. The procedure of installing is not too complicated and one can easily follow the instructions. It is an app that will soon become essential or rather already is.

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