Snapchat reorganized its Android and iOS apps and began deploying the update. If you have not updated the latest version, you should expect it in the next few days. Users who have updated Snapchat have described it as horrible, ugly, stupid and crooked. If you are one of them, you’d want to downgrade to Snapchat’s old design.

Everyone seems to hate the latest Snapchat update

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said the redesign would make “our application simpler and easier to use.” Faced with the fierce competition of Instagram, the company has also corrected tons of bugs in its application. However, users are not happy with the redesign. Before looking for ways to go back to the old design of Snapchat, let’s first see what the update brings.

The updated application still opens the camera, but almost all other aspects have been revised. The Stories page that allows you to publish photos and videos has been removed. Now you have to swipe left to access a Friends page that will enable you to see your content as well as that of your friends, including Snapchat Stories. The Friends page uses an algorithm to show you the list of people you most like to chat. This means that you will not have to scroll through the Cats to find the right person.

Dragging right takes you to a revised discovery page that serves stories from publishers, creators, and the community. The discovery page is now arranged in a vertical model. The snap card has also been moved to the Discover page. While users are bored by the overhaul, a Snapchat spokesman told the Sun that this is a massive update and that we should “get used to it a bit”. The company hopes that people will appreciate this once they get used to it.

How to prevent updating

Snapchat has started rolling out the update for users around the world. However, the company has so far grown to only 40 million users. This means that over 150 million people still use the old Snapchat design. You could be one of them. If you do want to keep the old version, you can disable automatic application updates on your iPhone or Android device. iPhone users can turn off automatic updates via Settings> iTunes and App Store, and disable the Updates icon in the Automatic Downloads section.

Android users can disable this by going to the Play Store, opening the main menu> Settings, and disabling the auto-update feature. If you wish, you can also disable automatic updating for specific applications. Go to the Snapchat page on the Play Store, press the menu button and disable the automatic update for Snapchat.

How to return to the old Snapchat design on Android

If you want to downgrade to Snapchat’s old design, Tech Advisor people have found two ways to do it. The easiest way is to uninstall the latest version of Snapchat from your device. Then go to this link and download an old version of the application. Google can warn you that you are installing an application from an unknown source, allow the installation anyway. You can allow the installation of apps from unknown sources by going to Settings> Security and switching to Unknown Sources.

The second method is to install an old Snapchat APK on your Android device. If you (or someone you know) have an older version of Snapchat running on another device, you can extract the APK file (Android application package) from the / data/app/folder. Now, uninstall the new update and plug your smartphone into a PC. Copy the old Snapchat APK that you got from another device to the download folder. Now you need to download a File Explorer application on your Android device to locate the APK APK in the download folder. Once it has been located, just tap it to install the old Snapchat design on your Android phone.

How to retrograde to the old design of Snapchat on iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the old version of Snapchat via iTunes. Tech Advisor says that the version of the application stored in your iTunes library will probably be an older version. Before installing the old one, you need to remove Snapchat from your iPhone by pressing the snapchat icon for a few seconds until it starts to bounce. Now, press the X in the upper left corner to delete the application.

Now you can connect your iPhone to your Windows or Mac computer, open iTunes and select your device. Do not sync your iPhone for the moment. Go to the Applications tab, select Applications in the sidebar, and search for Snapchat in the application list. Tap the Install button and sync your device. The version you just installed on your iPhone via iTunes will probably be the old version.