If you have ever wanted to see a cheeky wink, but you could not record the video – so rest assured – those days might be over.

The next iPhone update, iOS 11, will include a screen recording tool. You will also be able to put a nifty little button on your control center when you drag it up from the bottom of the screen.

People could record their screen for a while, but only if they linked their device to a computer and the footage was saved via Quicktime Player.

However, now you will be able to do all this from your phone. A known Twitter developer like Faiz posted a video on the social networking site to show how it works.

Other Twitter users quickly expressed their enthusiasm for the new feature.

According to Mic, Snapchat users will not be informed that you have recorded your screen while watching, unlike what happens when you receive a screenshot.

However, this is not the only update that comes in iOS 11. As I mentioned above, the Control Center will be more customizable, and you can exchange what you want, instead of the standard:  timer, flashlight, calculator, and camera.

Apple Maps will soon be able to give you directions to malls, and local airports. Siri will also be upgraded with a learning feature that adapts to what interests each user based on their location or what they have been looking for before.

An exciting step forward will be the integration of the Apple Pay function via the iMessage application. According to Gizmodo, you will be able to quickly send payments, which are encrypted end-to-end, to someone you write. This will be protected from your side with TouchID Fingerprint technology so that only you can send the money.

The camera is also planned to get a necessary boost, with new photography filters expected.

One of the new features is a long exposure effect for live photos to give your shots a cheeky artistic touch. Finally, you will also be able to choose what frame of a live picture you want rather than having to accept the collection.